Pressure Equipment

Float Valves

Check out our comprehensive selection of Drill Pipe Float Valves, crucial downhole safety valves that effectively prevent unwanted fluid flow up the drill string. These valves secure fluid flow during connection adjustments at the floor

Float Valve Model
1F2R "F" Float
1F2R "G" Float
2F3R "F" Float
4R "F" Float
5F6R "F" Float
3F "F" Float
4R "GA" Float
5F6R "G" Float
5F6R "GA" Float

Kelly Valve

Kelly valves play a vital role in fluid control within the drill string, ensuring a secure and responsive solution for wellbore management. With a range of sizes and thread configurations available for rent, inquire today to check availability. Our Kelly Valves feature robust construction and precise control, enhancing safety and efficiency on the rig. Explore the versatility and performance of our valves, seamlessly integrating them into your oil and gas exploration and extraction processes.

Inside Blowout Preventers (IBOPs)

Discover the versatility and reliability of our Inside Blowout Preventers (IBOPs) crafted for the oil and gas industry. Functioning as a crucial check valve within the drill string, an IBOP permits the circulation of drilling fluid down the string while effectively preventing backflow. We offer both one-piece and two-piece IBOPs with a diverse range of pressure ratings, sizes, and connections. Tailor your well control strategy with confidence, ensuring safety and efficiency in various drilling scenarios. Explore our comprehensive selection of IBOPs to find the ideal solution for your oil and gas operations.

Circulating Side Entry Subs

Enhance the efficiency of your cementing operations with our integral side entry subs designed for optimal displacement of downhole fluids in the oil and gas industry. Ideal for various applications such as kick-off plugs, temporary abandonment, permanent abandonment, and squeeze jobs, our side entry subs ensure worry-free operation.


Applications in the Field

Spools play a crucial role in diverse applications within the oil and gas industry. Common uses of spools include:

Spool Sizes and Construction

Spacer Spools

Hofco offers spacer spools in a range of size and pressure ratings, covering 5,000 psi to 15,000 psi. These spools come in different lengths, catering to varied applications, and feature identical nominal connections on both ends.

Adapter Spools

Another offering from Hofco is the adapter spool, distinguished by having two different nominal end connections. This unique feature allows for the connection of equipment with different sizes in the same application or environment. Adapter spools provide versatility in diverse operational settings.

Choose Hofco’s spacer and adapter spools for reliable and adaptable solutions in your oil and gas operations.

Cup testers

The Cup Tester stands as an essential tool for conducting casing string and preventer stack pressure tests in oil, gas, and water wells. Its straightforward yet reliable design makes it a go-to solution for ensuring the integrity of casing strings and preventer stacks in wells equipped with top-tier wellhead gear. By attaching the Cup Tester to the drill string and lowering it into the casing beneath the wellhead, operators can efficiently and conveniently assess the pressure of the blowout preventer stack and wellhead. With numerous sizes available for rent, Hofco ensures adaptable solutions for all your well safety evaluations. Trust in the simplicity and effectiveness of Cup Testers for robust well safety assessments.

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