Handling Tools

Drill Pipe rotary Slips

Discover the reliable rental options at Hofco, featuring the renowned KEYSTONE Slips in various types: KET DU, SDML, SDXL, and Type B Rotary Slips. Specifically crafted for adding or removing joints from the drill string, these slips are constructed from heat-treated alloy steel to enhance strength and wear resistance. Precision-machined through stringent quality control procedures, these slips seamlessly fit into API standard bowls.

All KET slips boast a 4″/ft API taper on the diameter, ensuring load-rated performance, and come equipped with safety flex handles. Designed and machined with precision to surpass API Standards, our slips proudly bear the API monogram, guaranteeing high-grade equipment made in the USA. Rely on Hofco for top-notch equipment rental solutions.

Drill Collar Rotary Slips

Explore Hofco’s reliable rental offerings, featuring the renowned KEYSTONE KET Type A, C-1, and DCS Drill Collar Slips designed specifically for running drill collars. The multi-segment-hinged design of these slips ensures compatibility with all drill collars within the designated size range. Crafted from heat-treated alloy steel, these drilling rig collar slips enhance strength and wear resistance.

Moreover, all KET slips feature a 4″/ft API taper on the diameter, guaranteeing load-rated performance, and are equipped with safety flex handles. Precision-machined to surpass API Standards, our slips proudly display the API monogram, assuring you of high-grade equipment made in the USA. Rely on Hofco for top-notch equipment rentals that meet and exceed industry standards.

Safety Clamp (Dog Collar)

Keystone Safety Clamps, offered by Hofco, stand out as premier solutions for Oilfield Safety. We provide a range including Type C, T, & MP Safety Clamps, ensuring protection from dropped tubing and secure welding of flush line pipes.

Our Safety Clamps boast individual links with tapered slips, functioning like rotary slips and held by spring tension. Tightening ensures a secure initial grip, and if the pipe falls or faces increased load, slips wedge tighter, effectively locking the pipe in place.

At Hofco Oilfield Services, we prioritize quality, and manufactured equipment exceeding API Standards (API 8C or API 7K). Stamped with the API monogram, our competitively priced, high-grade equipment is proudly made in the USA. Choose Keystone Safety Clamps from Hofco for reliable oilfield safety solutions.

Drill Thru Lifting Sub

A vital tool in oil, gas, and exploration drilling operations, the lifting sub comes in two types: A with an 18-degree shoulder and B with a 90-degree shoulder. The choice between them depends on the elevator’s structural type. These connections strictly adhere to API standards, ensuring reliability. Resembling a pup joint, the lifting sub threads the upper connection of the drill string, enabling smooth tripping in and out via an elevator. Its short-type drillstring design, similar to completion tubing, facilitates secure handling of tools, particularly those needing assistance from drill pipe elevators.

Tubing Spider

This tubing spider, commonly referred to as the Pneumatic Tubing Spider or Model C Spider, is specifically designed to handle tubular sizes ranging from 1.315” to 5½”. It boasts a robust capacity, rated up to 100 Tons.

Operated pneumatically, the Model C Spider utilizes a foot pedal that can be operated from a considerable distance, prioritizing operator safety during tripping operations.

Manufactured in strict accordance with API-7K specifications, our tubing spiders are crafted from high-grade alloy steel.


Elevators in the oil and gas industry serve as a crucial set of clamps, expertly designed to securely grip a stand or column of casing, tubing, or drill pipe. This gripping action enables the elevation of the stand, facilitating its connection to the string and subsequent lowering into the wellbore. In tandem with the blocks, elevators move up and down, playing a pivotal role in the seamless handling of drilling components.

Our inventory boasts a comprehensive range of elevators to cater to diverse needs, including single joint options with square shoulder and insert types. Additionally, we stock center latch elevators, encompassing variations such as Drill Pipe, Slip Type, and Square Shoulder. Furthermore, our selection includes side door elevators, providing a versatile suite of solutions to meet the unique requirements of drilling, completion, and workover operations.

Whether it’s the reliability of square shoulder elevators, the convenience of insert types, or the flexibility of side door designs, our stock ensures that you have access to the right elevators for your specific applications. With a commitment to quality and compliance with industry standards, our elevators contribute to the efficiency and safety of oil and gas exploration and extraction activities.

Farr Tubing Tong

Hofco Farr 5 1/2″ 18,700 ft/lb’s Hydraulic Power Tong

HPU & Casing Jack

Hofco YJ 150 Ton Casing Jack & HPU

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