HSEQ Management

Hofco & Quality

Hofco Oilfield Services has a mature and comprehensive Quality Management System. Since 1980, Hofco has strived to be the leader of and use the best practises in our industry. This is achieved by continual review and improvement of policies, processes, procedures, training, recruitment and supplier qualification.

Hofco is committed to providing our clients products and services that exceed their expectations, applicable industry standards and specifications. Hofco fosters a quality culture in which innovation and constant improvement interact to deliver tangible results to our clients that consistently add value to their operations.

Commitment to providing appropriate resources to facilitate the implementation of Hofco’s Quality policy and application of the AS/NZS ISO 45001:2018 Quality Management Standard has seen us strive towards excellence on an eternal path of continuous Improvement to all aspects of our business.

Hofco & Safety

Hofco Oilfield Services has a comprehensive Health, Safety & Environmental Management System which is aligned with the AS4801:2001 standard. Hofco have an impeccable safety record which is not only due to our HSE management system, but mostly contributed to the deeply imbedded safety culture throughout the business. Hofco takes a practical approach and an easy to administer HSE management system. The culture within Hofco, is due to the practical high standards that all staff set and work by. All staff are involved in the growth of the business which includes the implementation of new assets, tools, services and projects within the business. Hofco ensures all staff have the adequate training and legislative understanding of the jobs they do and adhere to best industry practises.

Hofco always strives to improve and therefore is a member company of Queensland’s Safer Together organisation since 2016. Hofco’s management are also active members in the working groups within Safer Together.

Hofco is a small business which thrives at being the best at what we do and proud of the following initiatives and principals.

Environmental initiatives which we work by:

Safety Principals which we work by:

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