Heavy Weight Drill Pipe (HWDP)

Heavy weight drill pipe (HWDP), also known as hevi-wate, is a vital component in oil and gas drilling operations, particularly in directional drilling. Its flexibility and strength make it ideal for the vertical section of boreholes, providing weight on the bit while maintaining more flexibility than a drill collar. In addition, Heavy weight drill pipe is well-suited for directional drilling applications due to its bending capability, providing enhanced directional control, minimizing connection fatigue, and allowing for smoother drilling in high-angle or horizontal scenarios. If you’re looking to rent HWDP for your drilling operations, explore our available sizes to find the perfect fit for your needs

Key Features of Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

"Center Upset" or Wear Pad

HWDP is equipped with a wear pad, known as a “center upset,” that protects the tube from wearing on the outer diameter and minimizes hole drag and differential sticking problems. The design of the wear pad increases tube life and contributes to smoother drilling operations.

Thicker Walls and Longer Upsets

We offer drill collars made from plain carbon steel or non-magnetic alloys, such as copper-steel composites, ensuring longevity and maintaining non-magnetic properties.

Flexible Transition

HWDP serves as a flexible transition between drill collars and drill pipe, reducing fatigue failures above the Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) and ensuring a seamless drilling process.
Tool Joints Centre Wear Connections Inner Diameter Range Additional Feature
3 1/2" HWDP 4 7/8" 4" 3-1/2" IF Pin x 3-1/2" IF Box 4 7/8"
4 1/2" HWDP 6 1/4" 5" 4" IF Pin x 4" IF Box 2 3/4" ID
4" HWDP XT39 4-7/8" 4-1/2” XT39 Pin x Box 2-9/16" ID 2
4" HWDP 5.25" OD 4 1/2" NC40 Pin X NC 0 Box 2
5" HWDP 6-5/8" OD DS50 Pin x DS50 Box 3-1/16" Hard banding

Advantages of Renting from

Hofco Oilfield Services

Quality Assurance

Our drill collars are machined to precision, ensuring roundedness and optimal performance, especially in challenging drilling conditions

Customized Solutions

We offer a range of options, including spiral or helical grooved collars, catering to specific drilling needs and geological challenges.

Reliable Service

With Hofco Oilfield Services you can trust our commitment to providing reliable and top-notch equipment for your drilling projects.

Expert Support

Our team of experts is readily available to assist you in choosing the right drill collar based on your project requirements.

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