Hofco’s Roma facility is predominately focused on the service, repair, inspection, maintenance, and storage of drilling tools and equipment.

 All inspections are carried out utilising experienced and certified staff for the relevant NDT methods and in-service inspections to various standards such as: API RP7G-2, DS-1 & NS-2. A highly skilled and qualified 1st class oilfield machinist carries out connection repairs and manufactures oilfield equipment to applicable API standards. The Griffith/NOV torque master “2” breakout bench can make up connections up to 200,000 ft/lb’s and break out connections up to 250,000 ft/lb’s. A dedicated Komatsu front end loader and Toyota 4 Tonne forklift is utilised to safely handle any equipment as required.

Our Roma facility accommodates an automated drill pipe & tubular cleaning machine that can handle up to range 3 pipe. A dedicated front end loader for safe movement of pipe in the yard and loading / unloading of trucks. An automated thread protector cleaning machine and Maranoa Regional Council approved wash down bay with oil separator for environmental control. All of this equipment significantly reduces man hours, potential for personal injury and increases efficiency greatly.

Roma Oilfield Services

44 Linton Street
Roma QLD 4455 Australia

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