Remedial Tools

Burn Shoes

A burn shoe, commonly referred to as a wash over shoe, serves as a vital downhole tool extensively employed in fishing operations. Its primary purpose is to prepare the upper and external surface of a fish, ensuring a clean and secure engagement for tools like an overshot during retrieval. Additionally, burn shoes are also utilized to safeguard seals, seating nipples, and other components during milling operations.

Flow Activated Tubing Cutters

LiMAR Flo-Activated Tubing Cutter – your efficient solution for safely severing production tubing, drill pipe, and casing in workover, fishing, and abandonment operations. This robust tool, equipped with carbide-dressed knives, ensures a clean cut with ease. Its triple-bladed design provides stability and centralization, while an emergency shear release feature enhances safety. Choose this cost-effective alternative to explosives for all your tubular severance needs.

Internal Pressure Pipe Cutter

The Logan Internal Pressure Pipe Cutter harnesses pump pressure to engage three carbide-coated knives, capable of cleanly cutting both single and multiple pipe strings ranging from 4 inches OD to 36 inches OD. Each cutter can be customized with knives of varying lengths to suit different pipe sizes. The operator easily presets the pump pressure through a simple adjustment, ensuring that the knives extend to the precise desired diameter. A flow restriction across an orifice feeds a piston, prompting the knives to extend. Once the knives reach the preset diameter, an abrupt pressure drop signals the successful completion of the pipe cut.

External Pressure Pipe Cutter

The Logan External Cutters deliver swift and seamless operation, enabling the rapid recovery of tubing or drill pipe. These cutters are equipped with a hydraulically-driven piston that precisely extends the knives into the pipe, granting operators exceptional cutting control. The tool comprises a top sub, segmented piston assembly, knives, knife pins, guide screw, body, and guide.

Pioneer Section Mill

The PIONEER S.M. Series of tools is of rugged and simple design. Two sets of three, tungsten carbide alloy-faced arms work in tandem to minimise wear and maximise efficient cutting.

Consistent with the complete tool design, arm removal and replacement is uncomplicated.

An important feature is the Flotel Assembly which, when the arms are fully extended, will reflect a drop in pump pressure, the operator at this time adds weight to continue milling the section from the casing.


An underreamer is a vital well drilling tool, crucial for expanding boreholes beneath existing casing. Positioned above the drill bit or a pilot assembly, it comes in various sizes and designs. Underreamers find application in hydrocarbon, geothermal, and water well drilling. Comprising a body connected to the drillstring and three retractable mobile components for reaming, they ensure ample clearance for proper casing installation. This is particularly useful for addressing issues like restrictions caused by swelling shales or tortuosity. We both stock and offer rental options Ranging from 3-1/2″ to 7-1/2″, for these underreamer sizes. Commonly employed in offshore drilling, exploration wells, extended reach drilling, and for accommodating larger casing sizes.

Casing Scrapers

For nearly six decades, M&M Oil Tools’ casing scraper has been the top choice for 360-degree rust, cement, and debris removal. Its resilient design can handle high-speed rotation and reciprocation in various well types. Featuring a heat-treated alloy steel mandrel with no welds or castings, spring-loaded blade blocks, and angled cutting edges, this scraper ensures efficient cleaning. Available in sizes from 2 3/8” to 20” OD for API and non-API tubing and casing.

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