Established in 2023 at Clear Cut Interventions (CCI) yard in Perth, WA, Hofco's new facility brings its expertise to the heart of Western Australia's oil and gas industry.

We focus on keeping your drilling tools and equipment running smoothly, offering comprehensive services like inspection and repair. As our WA presence grows, we’ll be adding a readily available stock of drill pipe and rental tools in Perth, ensuring quicker dispatch and hassle-free access to vital equipment. All inspections are carried out utilising experienced and certified staff for the relevant NDT methods and in-service inspections to various standards such as: API RP7G-2, DS-1 & NS-2. A highly skilled and qualified 1st class oilfield machinist carries out connection repairs and manufactures oilfield equipment to applicable API standards. 


Hofco Perth

109 Coolgardie Avenue
Redcliffe WA 6104

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