Oilfield Equipment Rental


Hofco Oilfield Services holds the following rental inventory in Roma QLD

Drill Pipe: Ranges 2 & 3 – sizes – 2-3/8” through to 4” & drill pipe pup joints several lengths

Drill Collars: Spiral & Slick – 2-7/8” OD through to 9-1/2” OD & Pony Collars Several Lengths

HWDP: 3-1/2” OD through to 5” OD

Non Mag Drill Collars: 4-3/4” OD through to 9-1/2” OD & Non Mag Subs

Subs: Cross over 1” AMMT through to 7-5/8” Reg – Bit Subs – Float Subs – UBHO – Burst Disc Subs

Lift Subs: Lifting nubbins – drill through lift subs – square shoulder – 18 deg tapered

Stabilizers: 4-3/4” OD through to 17-1/2” – Near Bit & String

Drilling Motors: 2-7/8” OD through to 6-3/4” OD

Thru Tubing Motors: 1-11/16” OD through to 2-7/8” OD

Drilling Jars: 4-3/4” OD through to 8” OD (Dual Acting Sup-R-Jars)

Casing Drive Subs: Many sizes and thread types

Drilling Safety Joints: 3-1/8” OD through to 8” OD

Stabbing Guides: 2-7/8” HT-Pac & XT39

Drifts: Made to order

Float Valves: 1R through to 5F6R

Thread Protectors: All API sizes and proprietary connections

Stroking Tools: Fishing bumper subs, Jars, accelerators. Sizing 3-1/8” OD through to 8” OD

Milling & Cutting Tools: Section mills, under reamers, hydraulic pipe cutters & anchors, junk mills, pilot mills, frac plug mills, dressing mills, tapered mills, string (watermelon) mills. Sizes range from 2” OD through to 8-1/2” OD. Custom packages made to order

Swarf Handling: Hands free swarf removal high performance ditch magnets. Swarf recovery flow tank system. Hands available and custom design flow connection to suit rig application

Washover Equipment:

Washover Pipe: Washpipe & pup joints 3-1/2” OD through to 9-5/8” OD

Burn Shoes: Many profiles & sizes: 3-1/2” OD through to 9-5/8” OD & custom made applications,

triple Drive Bushings (skirted mill applications)

Riz Tool: 5-3/4” TSWP x 2-3/8” API Reg. Washes over and engages packers / sections of liners in one trip

Custom Washover Equipment: Reverse circulation basket fingers inside washpipe for fishing rod guides and loose junk, whilst being able to Washover simultaneously. Many more custom solutions….

Fishing Tools:

Wireline / Gauge Cable Retrieval: Scrugrab tools 4-1/2” OD & 5-1/2” OD

Lead Impression Blocks: Many sizes in stock and made to order

External Catch:

Series 10 Sucker Rod Overshots: Complete kits to catch all rods in all tubing, many grapples available. Kits set up and customised with stop studs to prevent swallowing the top of fish too far when fishing a coupling or rod shoulder. This minimises damage to fish & tools and also prevents getting stuck on the fish and not being able to disengage the overshot.

Series 150 Overshots: Complete kits to catch many sizes of fish in many sizes of wells. Customised kits with stop rings, oversized guides and long catch stop grapples for use when fishing tubing couplings or upsets. Sizes ranging from 3-5/8” OD up to 11-1/4” OD. Massive grapple range….

Internal Catch:

Itco Type Releasing Spears: Spears, stop subs, spear pack off tools & custom equipment. Catch sizes ranging from 1.992” through to 7.425”. Massive grapple range….

Junk Catching Tools:

Fishing Magnets: 4” OD through to 7” OD, choice of flush or mill guides

Reverse Circulation Junk Baskets (RSJB): Sizes 5-3/4” OD & 7-7/8” OD

Skirted Junk Subs: 4” OD Skirt through to 6-3/4” OD skirts.

Drill Pipe Rotary Slips: SDML 2-3/8” through to 5-1/2”

Drill Collar Rotary Slips:  DCS R/M/L 3” through to 9-1/2”

Cavins (Model 100 – A) Tubing Spider: 100 Ton air operated slip assemblies: 2-3/8”, 2-7/8” & 3-1/2”

Elevators: All standard API sizes for drill pipe & tubing. WWL from single joints through to 250 Ton. Proprietary connections 2-7/8” HTPAC & XT39

Alco Low Profile Hydraulic Slips: 17.5” power slip assembly, tubular handling range: 2-3/8” OD through to 13-3/8” OD, 350 ton (700,000 lb’s) load rating. Hydraulic supply required: 5GPM @ 1000 PSI

Farr Tubing Tong: 5500, 5-1/2” tubing tong c/w 6-1/4” backup. 18,700 ft/lb max torque in low gear. Hydraulic supply required 60GPM = 77RPM (high Gear) 2250 PSI = 18,700 ft/lb’s max torque (low gear)

Vermeer / Cummins D24 Diesel Driven Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU): Suits tubing tong. Cummins 6BT5.9C, 152 HP turbo charged 6cyl 4 stroke diesel engine. Prince twin hydraulic pumps + 1 auxiliary pump to feed hydraulic hose reels. Skid mounted for easy transport.

Safety Clamps: T & C type dog collars for handling tubing and drill collars.

Coil Connectors: Internal roll on, external dimple & external slip / dimple. Many sizes….

Motor Head Assemblies: 1-11/16” OD & 3-1/8” OD. These include dual flapper check valves, hydraulic disconnects & dual circulation subs

Thru Tubing Motors: 1-11/16” OD through to 2-7/8” OD

Subs: Various crossover subs for common coil rotary shoulder connections

Hydraulic pipe cutter: 2-7/8” OD pressure pipe cutter c/w 2-3/8” Pac DSI box. Will cut tubing / casing and drill pipe.

Hydraulic Internal Tubing Anchor: 2-7/8” OD tubing anchor for use with tubing cutter. c/w 2-3/8” Pac DSI pin x box. Anchor set suits tubular ID’s from 3.00” through to 4.190”

Flow release overshot: 2-23/32” OD flow release overshot, oversized guide & grapple range made to order

Single Shot Survey: E type, R type, running barrels, heat shields and totco rings

Mathey Style Wireline Units: Spooled with 0.92” wire, 3 phase 15 hp 415V explosion proof motor, 3 retrieval gears and 1 reverse, 2000 psi hydraulic pump & hand operated band brake.

Kelly Valves (FOSV): 2-7/8” HTPAC through to NC50

Inside Blowout Preventer (IBOP): 2-7/8” HTPAC through to NC50

Spacer spools & Adapters: Small range in stock & made to order

Back Pressure Relief Valves: 2-7/8” EUE Tubing

Circulating & side entry subs: Various connections and configurations

Cup testers: To suit 4-1/2” through to 7” casing

Casing Scrapers: To suit 4-1/2” through to 9-5/8” casing

Casing patches: Ordered per application

Casing swedges: Ordered per application

Pipe bins, sub cages, stabilizer cages, stillage cages, custom designs made to order

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